Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lip Quickie: J. Cat Beauty Big Lip Pencil in "Red Rose"

Post by Beth

J. Cat Beauty Big Lip Pencil in "Red Rose" came to me curtesy of my December Ipsy Glambag and I hadn't used it until recently.  I don't think I was missing out.  

At first apply, I was stoked because the color is a super saturated blood red and it goes on like buttah! After about 10 minutes the creaminess of the application starts to dry out fast.  

The color fades quickly too. It was mostly gone by the time I got to work, which is about a 45 minute commute.  I really did like the color, but there are much better lip products out there.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstick

Post by Rosie

This is a color called Fushia Flash. It is on trend and oh, so yummy looking, isn't it? I love the color.

Until, I put it on my lips. First, as pretty a shade of fushia that it is in the tube, it is very, very bright (loud) on the lips. I think maybe thinner lips could wear this, but not full lips. Of-course, a lot of blotting dulled it down quite a bit. Second, it felt waxy on my lips. Third, although it lasts for a few hours, it doesn't wear evenly and I had patches of brighter colors on my lips, almost as if they were chapping.

So, unfortunately, this is a no-go for me.

Monday, April 21, 2014

c. Booth Tahitian Monoi Dry Oil Spray

I am a huge fan of dry oil sprays.  You can just spray the oil right on your skin and not have to get your hands all oily, which is especially nice if you have to then put on contacts in the morning.

c. Booth Tahitian Monoi Dry Oil Spray is a very light spray, it doesn’t leave a heavy or greasy feeling, but absorbs right in and moisturizes. It is free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and petrolatum, and is instead full of natural goodness like Coconut Oil and Tiare flowers.

The only downside, for me, is the scent, which I less than love.  It is very floral and gives me a flower shop vibe (the bottle says it’s a scent of “island blooms”). Some people may dig that.  If you don’t, do not despair, the scent does not linger.

Also, I do a happy dance that this is not tested on animals.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

1,000 Mascaras No. 13: L'Oréal Lash Out Butterfly Mascara

Post by Beth

First of all, I am very confused by what the name of this mascara actually is. . .My tube says “Lash Out Butterfly,” but I googled this and it looks like maybe the name was changed to “‪Voluminous Butterfly.”  Anybody know what is up that?

Anyway, ever since I first saw the ads for this “butterfly effect” mascara, I was keen to try it.  The ads showed all these gorge, long, fluttery lashes that I so covet.  The kicker on this mascara is the wing shape of the brush, which according the L'Oréal website “catches lashes and extends to the outer corners of the eye.” So I maybe, sort of, agree with this.  The brush, which is plastic and spiky, does catch all the lashes and really lengthens them.  I did not notice the outer corners being extended any.  Also, and this could just a weird problem that only I have, but the shape of the brush only works well for one side of the face.  You either have to switch over to your non-dominant hand or you have to contort your arm to use your dominant hand.

The real disappointment for me was the volume.  The L'Oréal website claims, “The new fiber infused formula delivers lashes with up to 6x more volume.  To which, I must emphatically call bullshit. I find the volume to be quite lacking in this mascara.  It left thin, long sticks of lashes.  I am thinking that if I used this in conjunction with another mascara (maybe the Maybelline Volum Express we reviewed here) it would be a more powerful combo.  But ain’t nobody got time for that shit.

Eye on the left with "Butterfly"; eye on the right with nuthin'

Bottom Lash Line:  Oh, Butterfly, I so wanted to like you.  But instead of butterfly wings, I got left with butterfly legs.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Post by Beth

I went on vacation recently and found myself in need of a good waterproof mascara, so I decided to pick up Maybelline's Volume Express The Colossal in Glam Black, mostly because of the word "colossal."  Colossal.  We don't use that word enough.  Who could resist the promise of colossal lashes?

All in all this volumizing mascara delivers.  The formula was easy to apply and was waterproof enough to stay put down Disney's Splash Mountain.  The black color was really nice, there was a little bit of glossiness to it.

The downside is that the brush was too big to capture every lash and little awkward to use on the bottom lashes.  Also, because the brush was harder to control, I had some messiness (especially on the lower lashes).

eye on the left with The Colossal, eye the right with nothing

Bottom Lash Line:  Maybe not colossal, but good volume and a good waterproof formula.