Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beautygasm Collection

Total Beauty sent me their Beautygasm collection for review ( Included in the collection is: Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm - full size, 1.7 oz; NYZ Roll on Shimmer - full size, 1.5g; Ferro Blush X3 - two pods, .75g each; Alfaparf Cristalli Liquid Hair Serum - 5ml; Trojan Vibrations Interchange 5.3, a $79 Value; and $20 Sole Society Offer. 

Wait.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  The gasm in Beautygasm is derived from the Trojan vibrator that is included. The collection is geared toward giving you a special-wink, wink-holiday glow.  

Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm. Not the world's best lip balm, but not the worst either.  It's not particularly soothing, but it is fairly moisturizing.  In its favor is the lack of flavor and coloring, it is perfectly neutral.  Oh, and natural.  That's in its favor too!  I hate overly chemical lip stuff because, you know, you practically eat that stuff.

NYX Cosmetics Roll on Shimmer.  The enclosed card says, "dazzle your eyes, face and body with intense shimmer and glitter."  The color provided was taupe, which reads as dark brown on me, so I am not using it on my face or body, but that would rock if you have darker skin.  I have used it on my eyes over eyeshadow and it looks very sparkly makes me want to rock out the New Year already.  I will add, however, that the staying power is meh.  But that's ok, because it comes in a nifty roller ball which makes it easy to re-apply--not all goopy like a lot of shimmer products can be.  Boo to goop.

Ferro: Blush X3.  I've used Ferro products before in the form of blushes and eye shadows, they are great natural make-up, but boy are they messy!  The two samples provided in collection are no exception--this shiz gets everywhere.  The feel nice and are blend able and long lasting.  Again though, the peachy-pink colors, "Terra Cotta" and "Suzie's Glow" were too dark for me to really wear, but if you can, I say go for it.  Suzie is the pinker of two.

Alfaparf Milano Cristalli Liquidi Serum.  First I have to stop laughing over the name, which I fist read as Alfabarf, and no way am I putting that on my hair.  This is basically a shine serum and it's ok.  I have used it a few times and it does smooth down frizz, but I'm not getting much luminosity.  On the plus side, it isn't gross, sticky or heavy.

The $20 Sole Society gift card will be put toward a pair of ridiculously high heeled, possibly leopard print, booties.

Trojan Vibrations Midnight Collection Interchange 5.3.  And lastly, the vibe. I haven't tried it in its official capacity, and even if I had I wouldn't tell you, because that's TMI and also my mom reads this.  But I did change out the attachments and that was easy.  Turned it on (and on and on) but it was hard to turn off and after cranking it up all the way.  My word is thus:  This blog is about beauty and what makes you look and feel more beautiful than an orgasm?  A Beautygasm, yo.


Vicky Hoang said...

they gave you a vibrator?!?


Emie said...

I thought it was a perfume..never thought it was a vibrator. I think I wanna try the roll on shimmer. I find it easy to use and I like the color.

Beth said...

I am loving that roll on shimmer--so easy to use!!!

Trojan Vibrations said...

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